You are the new "commitment's creators"

Your professional communication in stories to boost remote information sharing, create human links and optimize your meeting time.

Tell us, what are your engagement goals?

Attract the best talent

Engage the best talents with a remote immersion in your corporate culture and your jobs.

Accelerate onboarding

Accelerate the understanding of your ecosystem and enhance your corporate culture for new comers.

Communicate with impact

Give voice to your experts and ambassadors to boost your professional communication.

Stories are 10x more engaging than text.


In stories, communicate with impact, when you want, wherever you are. Our format facilitates contribution, boosts information sharing and human ties.

You are in control 🔒

Activate or create the topics of interest for your teams.

Video team presentation
Welcome & onboarding process
Company's weekly highlights
Guide of internal best practices
"Live-my-life" web series
Project's dairy
Take the floor from a distance …

1 time for all.

Teamstories organizes and promotes your knowledge in the different paths dedicated to the engagement of your teams. Forget that feeling of repeating yourself over and over again.

We support you 🤝

Team workshop

Players in an engaging corporate culture

A day dedicated to improving your collective communication, developing human ties and avoiding disengagement from a distance.


Free communication in your teams

… and, for you, new skills in the world of remote work.


Teamstories Academy

Our ideas, advice and tests to explore the benefits of human and engaging communication in teams.

Stories revolutionize your communication

Organizational video clipboard

A human and fun format, ideal for onboarding newcomers and for maintaining a link from a distance.

Highlights of the week in stories

A new and dynamic view of the successes and actions of the week, sent every Friday.

Stories to better (re) discover team members

“Shifted” questions for the animation of the teams.

Stories academy

Advice and training from our speaking experts to get started.

Remote leadership

Executives and managers present the vision of their teams to continuously inspire the teams.

"Admin" features

Designed to support the needs of managers and managers in their team engagement tasks.

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