Thinking to switch to stories for you onboarding? 🤔

Another social network for your team, like Slack, Teams or Yammer ? Not really.
Teamstories offers a rehumanized onboarding experience based on ambassadors' stories.

Stories are 10x more engaging than text. Here's how they boost your onboarding experience.

👋 Welcome a new collaborator

✅ With Teamstories, the employee …

Receives a compilation of welcome video message from his team
D-1 & D-Day

On corporate social networks

Receives text messages, emojis, welcome gifs from their team

🧐 Understand who is who in the organisation

✅ With Teamstories, the employee …

Access the presentation stories of each employee in the onboarding experience and at any time

On corporate social networks

Occasionally consults the profile page in the organization chart or the linkedin profile

🤩 Discover the job and missions of each

✅ With Teamstories, the employee …

Consults the “live-my-life” stories of each employee for a real immersion in their daily life

On corporate social networks

Consults quickly the statuses of collaborators or connect to team’s channels to scan news their feed.

🤓 Be aware of news and current major issues

✅ With Teamstories, the employee …

Discover teams Top Stories, a “rendez-vous” automatically built to value your best stories every Friday

On corporate social networks

Browses the news feed and connect to the discussion thread

😃 Appropriate corporate culture & the codes that govern it

✅ With Teamstories, the employee …

From the start of onboarding, consults stories about the company’s purpose and values.

On corporate social networks

Consults the documents related to the culture shared on the dedicated channels

🤗 Access to clients feedbacks and best practices

✅ With Teamstories, the employee …

Easily consults the most relevant feedbacks, automatically aggregated in a captivating and synthetic format

On corporate social networks

Discocer when the opportunity arises, to feedbacks shared in groups, or discussion channels.

The features you will love

Video trombinoscope of the organization

A humanized experience, efficient for the onboarding of new teammates and for maintaining a human link at a distance

Highlights of the week

A dynamic experience to enhance best moments of the week (sent automatically every Friday)

Bonus stories to (re)discover the team

"Offbeat" questions to be unlocked for the animation of the teams

Stories academy

Tips and trainingsfrom our experts to help you get started and to perform in stories

Remote Leadership

Leaders + managers explain visions and objectives of their teams whenever necessary


Designed to support the needs of HR leaders and managers in their team engagement objectives

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