Bringing your corporate culture to life regardless of distance.

From a distance, team engagement is a real challenge. Collaborative stories bring to life the most important thing in business: the human connection 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️
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With distance,
the human link is lost.

As a result, motivation and team spirit gradually disappear in silence.

All on video?
No thanks.

The alternatives put in place are often time consuming and lack effectiveness.

Team spirit,
Are you there?

Valuing values and visions is now a major issue for the competitiveness of organizations.

For new recruits, your company culture takes many weeks to exist.

A re-humanized and super efficient integration process in stories

A unique integration experience to accelerate engagement and understanding of the business. The company’s values and “Who does what” will no longer be a secret to anyone.

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"Impossible to know what is going on in the organization without spending time in meetings" ... Really?

Team recognition and challenges for the benefit of the well-being and commitment of all

Reinforce the agility and motivation of the teams by valuing the actions, the moments of life and the successes of everyday life.

It used to be that getting involved in the day-to-day work of the teams was too time consuming. But that was before.

The “live-my-life” stories: drivers of cohesion and a sense of belonging

Immersive stories in the daily life of an employee. A 100% online format to discover and better understand the different professions within the organization.

Time saving& authenticity

All the advantages of asynchronous communication in video, photo or audio.

Ready for the #Futureofwork

Make your leaders and internal experts the new influencers of your company project for the commitment of all.

In your image

A personalized private universe, dedicated to the promotion of your employer brand and your corporate culture.

How stories change the lives of your teams

The video trombinoscope of the entire organization

A human and fun format, ideal for onboarding newcomers and for maintaining a link at a distance.

The best of the week in stories

A new and dynamic viewof successes and actions of the week,sent every Friday.

Bonus stories and challenges to better (re)discover yourself

The "offbeat" questions to be unlocked for the animation of the teams.

The stories academy

Advice and training from our speaking experts to help you get started

Leadership from a distance

Leaders and managers present the vision of their teams whenever necessary.

Your "admin" space

Designed to support the needs of HR leaders and managers in their team engagement tasks.

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