Why teamstories

Our mission We strengthen the human link at work for the competitiveness of your organization. Video team presentation Welcome & onboarding process Company’s weekly highlights Guide of internal best practices “Live-my-life” web series Project’s dairy Energize recruitment & internal mobility Engage the best talents with a remote immersion in your corporate culture, your expertises and… Continue reading Why teamstories

English lead of culture

Bringing your corporate culture to life regardless of distance. From a distance, team engagement is a real challenge. Collaborative stories bring to life the most important thing in business: the human connection 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ I request my demo With distance,the human link is lost. As a result, motivation and team spirit gradually disappear in silence.… Continue reading English lead of culture

Boost communicant engagement

Stories, the communication trick for hyper-engaged teams Boost agility and cohesion, major assets in the success of your organization. Book my demo On a day-to-day basis, enhancing the commitment of employees and giving visibility to their actions is a real challenge. Boost recognition & result culture, whatever the distance In stories, team actions, goals and… Continue reading Boost communicant engagement

Accelerate onboarding

Human-first & time saving onboarding process Give your new employees a unique onboarding experience. Book my demo In stories, onboarding is getting a makeover. For new employees, integration at a distance or in the office is a real obstacle course. Video introductions to meet your colleagues. Understand “Who’s who” and “Who does what” in record… Continue reading Accelerate onboarding

Boost recruitment internal mobility

Your best arguments: “Who you are” and “What you do”. Team stories boost your attractiveness Collectively promote your commitments, values and professions with impact & humanity to attract the best talents. Book my demo 88%  of young workers consider essential to be in tune with their company’s culture. Linkhumans 2019 Stories, the most efficient way… Continue reading Boost recruitment internal mobility