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The internal mobility pass for employees 🧭

Valuing and embodying possible horizons: your employees, and you, have everything to gain!
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The lack of appreciation and understanding of the positions to be filled within the organization hinders internal mobility.

The “Live-my -life” re-invented to promote available positions

Develop interest and understanding of internal career opportunities.

  • Human and authentic presentations of the professions by the teams
  • A new way to immerse yourself in the daily life of the company
  • Involving employees to meet this strategic corporate challenge

Discovering and integrating into a new internal team: a new onboarding to succeed and without wasting time!

A re-onboarding experience dedicated to internal mobility

To facilitate the transition, the integration and the rise in competence of the employees.

  • Valuation of the team’s missions and actions
  • The sharing of the employee’s rise in competence
  • Permanent access to feedback and best practices from the new team
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Your corporate culture is now the foundation of employee loyalty and internal mobility. It must exist even at a distance.

Consolidate your corporate culture to boost the sense of belonging

Stories allow you to authentically convey what makes your business unique

  • Sharing the company’s vision and objectives
  • Good news and small victories take their place
  • Even from a distance, your organization is a great place to be.

“In a group of our size, internal opportunities are numerous but difficult to exploit. It is impossible to multiply the live-my-life. “

“It’s very hard to really understand what my colleagues do on a daily basis. It’s a shame because I’m interested!”

Why is internal mobility important?


of employees would leave their job overnight for a better offer


Employees prefer internal mobility if available


Executives are satisfied after their internal mobility

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