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Stories, the communication trick for hyper-engaged teams

Boost agility and cohesion, major assets in the success of your organization.
visuel culture du resultat

On a day-to-day basis, enhancing the commitment of employees and giving visibility to their actions is a real challenge.

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Boost recognition & result culture, whatever the distance

In stories, team actions, goals and successes come to life across traditional silos

  • Motivate the teams and value the results achieved by the employees
  • Present new business processes and best practices implemented by employees
  • Putting the different workshops online, within the different departments

Over time, good practices are forgotten and feedback does not benefit the teams.

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Experience feedback and “field” practices at your fingertips

The most effective solution for capturing and disseminating your collective intelligence.

  • Instant access to feedback and best practices
  • The sharing by the teams of tips and advice for the realization of the missions
  • The development of the spirit of mutual aid and cohesion in the teams
visuel la vie du terrain
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Video, chat, email… today’s communication formats do not always help maintain links between employees.

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Strengthen human links to get to know each other better & collaborate better

Connect everyone’s interests and value the informal link to create a unique team spirit, whatever the distance.

  • Immersion stories in the daily life of an employee through “live my life”.
  • The organization of 100% online challenges between employees
  • Offbeat” questions for team leadership

“Knowing what’s going on in the field is both very interesting and super motivating. We are all part of the same adventure.”

“For me, it is essential to know if a colleague has already encountered the problem I am facing. “

Commitment, the key to organizational success!


of employees stay with the same company, for lack of anything better.


more productivity for an engaged employee


more creativity for an engaged employee

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